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New Game+ 099: More Great Voice Acting Performances

Dan's got more videogame voice performances he wants to share. (Dan accidentally refers Ashley Burch as Ashley Pierce, he knows and is very embarrassed) Featuring performances by: Michael Mando - Vaas Mentenegro Ellen McLain - GLaDoS Ashley Burch - Chloe Price Hannah Telle - Max Caulfield Tommie Earl Jenkins - Die-Hardman Kaji Tang - Ichiban Kasuga

New Game+ 098: Patch Notes April 2021

Another month, another Patch Notes with Dan and Antonio. Featuring a LOT of Mortal Kombat (2021) talk.

New Game+ 097: Totally Topical Sony Talk

NOTE: We recorded this way before Sony announced the backdown of the year.

New Game+ 096: The Return of E3

With the announcement of the (virtual) return of E3, Dan and Antonio discuss the impact the event has, and what they expect from the companies slated to participate.

New Game+ 095: Games That Need A Sequel/Remake

With Spring in full force, Dan and Antonio list games they feel deserve a 2nd chance at life whether it be a remake or sequel.

New Game+ 094: Patch Notes March 2021

Bracket busts, EVO shakeup, and a reflection on one year of quarantine.

New Game+ 093: "New Game+ 64": BEST VIDEOGAME EVER! Part 2

With the 1st round done, and salt levels at an all time high, the boys resume their monumental task of determining the best videogame ever.

New Game+ 092: "New Game+ 64": BEST VIDEOGAME EVER! Part 1

With March Madness approaching, Dan decides to get maximum salt levels and invite Ish and Rami to determine what game is the best game of all time.

New Game+ 091: State of the Stadia 2021

Nearly two years ago we talk about Google Stadia and it's flaws. Flashforward to now and it's surprisingly still alive. But is it thriving? Yeah...not so much.

New Game + 090: Retro Modding 101

RetroSetJoe is back to talk about modding classic consoles for the modern age.

New Game+ 089: Patch Notes February 2021

V-Tubers, EW, and FairyFails! It's been a fun month not only for NG+, but for the rest of the network too. We also spend 15 minutes debating whether or not the latest Nintendo Direct was a disappointment.

New Game+ 088: Bedtime Fairyfails

Dan sits down with Kim from Bedtime Fairyfails, an audio story podcast that adapts real anecdotes from actual tabletop sessions.

New Game+ 087: Final Fantasy XIV EW!

SE just dropped the first look at the next expansion for FFXIV! So naturally Ashley's back to talk about their impressions, excitement, and theories for the next chapter of our favorite MMO

New Game+ 086: V-Tubers

Dan and Antonio are joined by Jon and Jazz Fawkes, Melynn Rose to talk about the rising world of V-Tubers.

New Game+ 085: Patch Notes January 2021

Our first Patch Notes of season 4 and 2021! How long were we working on getting Dan Sunstrum on? What's in store for NGP Productions? Listen and find out

New Game+ 084: Dan Now Loves FFXIV

One year ago Dan lamented how he could never get into MMOs, today, he's now caught up with all FFXIV content. And Ashley and Antonio are here to gloat.

New Game+ 083: Yakuza Like a Dragon Spoilercast

Dan and Antonio break down their thoughts on their #1 game of 2020 in a spoiler-filled episode!

New Game+ 082: Game Localization (ft. Dan Sunstrum)

Dan and Antonio are kicking off season 4 with a bang because they sit down with lead Sega Translator Dan Sunstrum to talk about his career and his time localizing the insanely popular Yakuza series to the West!

NGP Productions Holiday Greetings!

Everyone at NGP Productions is here to wish you a happy holiday season and new year!

New Game+ Trailer

New to the podcast? Check out this trailer!

New Game+ 081: Top 5 Games of 2020

In the season finale, Dan and Antonio list one of the few highlights of 2020, video games. Which games made our top 5 list? How many times do they overlap? Is #1 as obvious as it seems?

New Game+ 080: Defining the 8th Console Generation

With the end of the 8th console generation here, Dan and Antonio pick five games that defined the PS4 and Xbox One

New Game+ 079: Vegas Gaming Scene ft. Christopher LaPorte

We sit down with former owner of Insert Coin(s), and director of the Nevada Esports Alliance Christopher LaPorte who speaks on the non-esports gaming betting opportunities that the Strip is sleeping on. We also discuss how how EVO can recover and changes he would make to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

New Game+ 078: Patch Notes November 2020

Happy early Thanksgiving! Dan and Antonio break down this past month's episodes and discuss thoughts on the Game Awards 2020

New Game+ 077: With Special Guest Wan Hazmer of Metronomik Games

Dan and Antonio sit down with Wan Hazmer, founder/CEO of Metronomik Games and former lead developer at Square-Enix! We talk about his career, starting his own company, and the potential of the Malaysian game developer scene.

New Game+ 076: Games That Killed a Franchise

There's nothing worse when a popular gaming franchise dies. This week Dan and Antonio are joined by their friends Ish and Rami to share franchises that ended with a whimper rather than a bang.

New Game+ 075: TTRPG Development (ft. Mike Sands)

This week Dan is joined by Alex aka GMHina to interview the creator of the Monster of the Week tabletop system Mike Sands!

New Game+ 074: Patch Notes October 2020

Another month, another roundup! October saw Antonio take the reigns for a bit, but it was such a fun month for the show.

New Game+ 073: Tales From the Nintendo Trenches With Shaun Bloom and Jake Kazdal

Shaun Bloom returns and is joined by his former co-worker, founder and CEO of 17-BIT Jake Kazdal! The two share stories from the Nintendo trenches and Jake's incredible journey from GPC to starting his own development company. Plus some exclusive news on the future of 17-BIT games!

New Game+ 072: Composing Video Game Music ft. Az Samad

Antonio sits down with Az Samad, one of the composers for the hit indie game No Straight Roads!

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